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Horse retirement farm
Visitors are always welcomed. We love owners to share the joy their horses are experiencing. 

White Rock Manor provides top level care to meet your high standards.

Your horses are the focus of our attention - not a sideline to a boarding or training facility - and are continuously monitored by the staff housed on the property. 

Our clients have peace of mind in knowing that their beloved horses have access to both the creature comforts and the services they need to maintain their health and preserve their quality of life. Some of the benefits of White Rock Manor include:

  • Trims and/or therapeutic shoeing via the farrier who is on site each week. This means that your horse's farrier schedule has the flexibility of changing with your horse's needs. 

  • Regular presence of a licensed veterinarian capable of performing chiropracty and acupuncture

  • Weekly correspondence including photographs to update you on the condition of your horse

  • Large fields dedicated to small herds to promote the natural social nature of horses while protecting less dominant individuals.

  • Four board fencing and boundary lanes to reduce fence line related hazards

  • Unlimited access to salt, minerals, dairy grade alfalfa hay, and shelter. 

  • Horses are exclusively fed square bales - never round bales. 

  • Large sheds - each 100' x 60' - designed with equine safety in mind. At WRM we guarantee that no horse is ever without shelter. 

  • A 'Blanket Lending Program' ensures that all horses are kept comfortable even in the event that their blanket becomes damp or damaged.

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